Love Knows No Death: A Workbook For Transforming Grief

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This workbook is an essential part of the method known as Love Knows No Death, an innovative approach to grief transformation. This counseling approach, which integrates both written and video lessons, reflects an “unbelievable truth” that the human mind, consciousness and personality do not end with the death of the physical body. In other words, your deceased love one is not, in fact, deceased.

This innovative approach to grief transformation is based upon established techniques of cognitive therapy. In other words, “The way you feel depends entirely on the way you think.” When we learn to think “non-negatively” and replace negative, unrealistic and distorted thoughts with more balanced, neutral and realistic ones, dramatic results can be attained.

The chapters and videos in this approach will take readers on a journey of exploration as they examine possible stumbling blocks, what really dies at death, and learn about the substantial evidence for life after life. Some of the phenomena examined include the powers of the mind, deathbed visions, near death experiences, apparitions, mediumship and instrumental trans-communication.

Mental health professionals are coming to realize that patients who believe that their deceased loved ones still survive do better than those who do not believe in survival. The Love Knows No Death approach recognizes that vague hope or wishful thinking does not have the power to transform grief. Such transformation can only come from knowing, which can be attained only through personal experiences, thorough examination of the evidence, and changing the way we think. Those who put the effort into diligently following this workbook may very well experience life changing effects. The “afterlife perspective,” once integrated into the grieving process, will allow you to lead a better life and truly honor those who have passed before you.